A 2-Minute Solution to More Productive Invoicing

October 15, 2013

A few years ago, I started experimenting with invoicing for my business to see if my invoices themselves influenced how quickly my clients paid. What I found was astounding. By reviewing the thousands of invoices that our teams had cut over the years, we’ve discovered a few tricks that have not only improved how quickly we get paid, it also improved our relationship with clients.

In short, we found that words matter, so we chose them wisely on our invoices.

We’ve discovered that people took “due upon receipt” to mean  “pay whenever you want,” so we got rid of that language.

We’ve learned from statistics that invoices asking to be paid “within 21 days” produced the best results, so we changed our terms.

We also know that being polite helps, so we added “please” and “thank you.” We were skeptical at first, but we saw an improvement almost immediately.

Want to get paid faster? Try rewording your invoices and you might be surprised at what happens!

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