What Can You Expect from Your Bookkeeper?

A friend running an agency reached out to me and was beating herself up for missing a 40% spend increase in one of her department. Like many agencies, she had an one-person bookkeeping team who she relied on to keep her books, pay the bills, 

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3 Questions to Help Set Your Price

The most experienced entrepreneurs know that price is the dominant factor driving profit. While profits can be increased via a number of ways, raising prices is the simplest method that yields the biggest result. A mere 1% change in price can generate double digits change 

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Raising Price #MoneyTalk EP04

In this episode, our founder, W Michael Hsu talks about how raising prices can help your business and how 1+1+1=19. He’s not talking about raising your price by 10% or 15%, but simply make 1% change to impact your Net profit. What are you waiting 

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Value, Price, Cost #MoneyTalk EP03

Do you have a hard time to determining your price? In this episode, our founder W Michael Hsu explains value of cost, seller profit and buyer profit. Michael also believes that it is possible to have win-win situation to every party in a transaction. Let’s roll! 

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How to Start Building Your Dashboard #MoneyTalk EP02

Are you building your dashboard but don’t know where to start? In Episode 2, our CEO W Michael Hsu picked up what we left in last episode - the timeliness of the dashboard.  Also, he shared few points that give you some direction to start building 

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What Makes A Good Dashboard #MoneyTalk EP01

Do you have a business dashboard set up for your business? What are some tips that worked out for you when building a functional dashboard? In Money Talk – episode 1, our founder, W.Michael.Hsu shared what features a good dashboard should have. And how can you use 

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A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Your First Financial Dashboard

KPI and dashboards had been the latest craze in the business world and the flood of resources (and noise) had made it hard to know where to even begin. So here is a step by step breakdown to set up your business dashboard. Before you 

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What’s The Difference Between A Bookkeeper And An Accountant?

There are many terms for similar professions that tend to be used interchangeably by mistake. A few that come to mind—psychologist and psychiatrist, paramedic and EMT, nurse practitioner and physician’s assistant, also architect and contractor. For people who work in these industries, the differences are apparent, 

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9 Metrics to Jump Start a Metrics-Driven Agency

My buddy who owns a digital agency wanted to jump start a metrics-driven culture but wasn’t sure where to start. We sat down over some good Scotch and cigars to chat about it. Here are the 9 metrics that I’ve suggested as an easy place to 

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Input Metrics vs. Output Metrics

There are two types of metrics, input metrics (behaviors) and output metrics (results.) By understanding their differences and being able to identify them in our day to day activity, we can significantly increase our effectiveness in achieving our goals. Output Metrics (Results) Goals. Most of 

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How a CEO Grew his Revenue 45000% by Digging Deep into his Key Metrics

Three years ago my buddy with an already successful company wanted to start a new e-commerce business. He shared the thought in our CEO group but it wasn’t well received. After all, at $400 in monthly revenue, the new idea appeared to be little more 

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