What Can You Expect from Your Bookkeeper?

A friend running an agency reached out to me and was beating herself up for missing a 40% spend increase in one of her department. Like many agencies, she had an one-person bookkeeping team who she relied on to keep her books, pay the bills, 

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How to Pick the Right Accounting Software for Firms

Your firm has been growing rapidly over the past few years. You’ve gotten better clients, hired on more people, and the existing platforms you’ve hacked together over the past few years just isn’t enough anymore. You need one place where all of your financial data 

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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Accounting – Part 1

Measure what you want done. It is no surprise that whenever we focus on an aspect of our business, it tends to get better. Accounting needs to be the tool that enables you to do that. Start from your top level business goals for the 


Using Credit Cards to Finance Your Agency

Credit cards are a necessary evil, especially when used to invest in your business. We all have them, sometimes in multitudes, and use them on a regular basis. But they cause deep trouble in the way of  D E B T at high interest rates 

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Best Advice for 2014: Leave the Trash at the Curb and Clean Up Your P&L

It takes me about 30 seconds to judge the quality of accounting work being done by a company by looking at their latest financial reports. Just a few weeks ago, I was chatting with a buddy of mine who runs a $2.3 million business and 

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3 Steps to Organizing Your Chart of Accounts

If you don’t have good bones, everything collapses. Huh? I’m talking about your chart of accounts. The chart of accounts is the skeleton of your agency and can provide either very meaningful numbers or numbers that really don’t tell you anything. For those of you 

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No Excuses! Own Your Numbers!

Entrepreneurs, by nature, are optimists. Working with hundreds of entrepreneurs throughout my career, I’ve found we (I’ll include myself in this mix) tend to explain our way out of financial statements. “I had to take a hit because of a capital expense.” “I haven’t had 

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Assess the Quality of Your Numbers

Feeling pretty jazzed about his business, a friend of mine, Steve, went to the bank to get a loan to expand his business. During a meeting with the banker, he shared his numbers, pretty certain he was in good shape to get the loan. The 

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Finding the Stories In Your Numbers

Most accountants don’t read their clients’ bedtime stories. But I do. And my story sounds a bit like this: Once upon a time, there was a number that stood out among all the other numbers. It practically jumped of the page, but for some reason, 

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Daily Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur: Keeping Track

In my third blog on how to improve your juggling abilities, I want to talk about tracking your progress. As you may know, I’m a big proponent of dashboards because they tell a story at a glance. In fact, I provide custom financial dashboards to 

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Daily Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur: Make Time for Yourself

As we approach Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to talk about what we’re thankful for in our lives and in our businesses and make sure we are devoting time to those things. In this third Daily Habits blog, I want to remind you to that even 

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