• W. Michael Hsu

    Founder & CEO

    Michael grew up looking up to his father, a successful entrepreneur who retired when he was only 46. He founded DeepSky in 2009 with a clear purpose to help entrepreneurs MEASURE + HACK their businesses for better profitability. Michael truly believes that entrepreneurs can really change the world. He had been honored as a Forbes Finance Council Member, YEC member, and is named the 40 Under 40 CPAs for 5 years in a row.

  • Vania Chen


    Vania ventured into the world of internal accounting in 2015 after her break up with the evil empire, the IRS. With dire need to be liked by people again, Vania became the Controller & Chief Customer Advocate for DeepSky. She oversees the quality of our end products and is the bridge between our operations team and customers. Vania also has an unhealthy addiction to Boba drinks, puzzle games, and dreamy / bubbly snacks.

  • Raven Lin

    Accounting Ninja

    As a fresh college graduate in statistics, Raven chose to join the DeepSky team as her top choice. "Do you know what 1.01 to the 365th power is?" Raven reminds herself daily. The answer is 37.78 - to her - it means that if she's only 1% better than yesterday, then by the end of the year she'd be 37 times better than where she started. Raven hopes to achieve her father and her dream of building a foundation to support less fortunate children with a strong will to learn.

  • Mason Tsai, MBA

    Accounting Ninja

    Mason is the technical powerhouse at DeepSky; he is obsessed with optimizing limited resources and maximizing output using his skills. Prior to DeepSky, Mason worked at Deloitte as an auditor, earned a MBA degree and a CPA license, and graduated first in his class at the No. 1 university in Taiwan. Mason hopes to retire into part-time position in 10-years; at which point, he has his eyes set on the Director of Coffee Making position at DeepSky.

  • Kate Chen

    Accounting Ninja

    Kate is one of the Accounting Ninja at DeepSky who does the heavy lifting of the day-to-day accounting for our customers. She graduated from National Taiwan University with a degree in accounting prior to picking up some practical skills interning at KPMG and Deloitte. Kate values effectiveness and seeks to do things that make a difference, one of the main reasons that brought her to join the team at DeepSky.

  • Nell Ma, MSA

    Co-Founder & Advisor

    An equity partner at DeepSky, Nell has more than 15 years experience in the accounting industry. Nell joined DeepSky in 2011 and helped Michael grew DeepSky to the best outsourced accounting department that it is today. Nell retired from her operations role at DeepSky in 2015 and is now an advisor to DeepSky's toughest and meanest special projects.

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