• W. Michael Hsu

    Founder & CEO

    Michael founded DeepSky in 2009 with a clear purpose to help entrepreneurs MEASURE + HACK™ their way to live a free and rich life. He believes that entrepreneurs are the solution to our world's problems, and that we need to be properly compensated for it. Michael had been honored as an Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) member, Forbes Finance Council member, Young Entrepreneurs' Council (YEC) member, and is named the 40 Under 40 CPAs for 5 years in a row.

  • Vania Chen

    Director of Operations

    Vania spent 3 years with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 5 years with the IRS, and have been with DeepSky since 2015. She's been the Controller on record for some of the most successful businesses in America and now serves as the Direct of Operations at DeepSky. Her responsibility includes overseeing the operations at DeepSky, educating our staffs, and occasionally delivering financial results to some of her old (read: favorite) clients.

  • Raven Lin

    Accounting Manager

    Raven joined DeepSky in 2015 as employee #1 in our Taiwan office. "Do you know what 1.01 to the 365th power is?" Raven reminds herself daily. The answer is 37.78 - to her - it means that if she's only 1% better than yesterday, then by the end of the year she'd be 37 times better than where she started. Today, Raven act as the Accounting Manager to multiple entrepreneurs, overseeing the day-to-day operations to ensure that good enough, fast enough, actionable data are available to them for the best decision making process.

  • Rae Chiang

    Marketing Lead

    Rae stood out from the crowd and was hired after we’ve had a dozen marketing interviews. She manages all marketing stuff and coordinates with our marketing providers at DeepSky. Being a “team of one” at DeepSky, she proves that she is fully capable of turning great ideas into reality and always surprises you with her amazing performance.

  • Daniel Tang

    Accounting Senior

    Daniel was the sole survivor from his hiring class of 7. He joined DeepSky in 2017 and have been an invaluable team player ever since. As accounting major, Daniel picks up things fast and think nimbly. His ability to create accurate and easy to understand financial forecasts is unmatched in the industry.

  • Kate Chen

    Financial Systems Architect

    After a brief stint with the Deloitte and KPMG of Taiwan, Kate joined DeepSky almost immediately after she graduated from the No. 1 university in Taiwan - National Taiwan University. She's accelerated in her career ever since and now act as the primary accounting systems and processes designer and architect, overseeing the design and build process for some of the fastest growing businesses in America.

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