It's Just a Chat

Unlike most of our peers, we don't take anyone with a pulse and a checkbook on as our customer. We serve entrepreneurs in service industries exclusively. Think digital agencies and law firms.

The goal of the chat is to determine if we are the best solution to help resolve your headaches and deliver value. We'll get a good overview of what your company does, how things are working (or not) today, and get a feel for if we like each other or not.

The worst outcome is to have us point you in a better direction, and the best outcome is that we decide to move forward together somehow. No pressure, no BS, just straight talk with a little numbers involved.

Reference only: majority of our customers come to us when they've grown past a million dollar in revenue and find that they need a more sophisticated way of keeping tabs on their operations. They may be having issues obtaining the financial insights they seek, understanding how it applies, or simply want a system in place to support their growth. Don't be shy, you are not alone.

Go to Assessment & Discovery

Prescription without Diagnosis is Malpractice.

The first step to any plan after we've identified where we want to go is to know where we are today. That's what this Assessment & Discovery is about. It's a mini-project that takes roughly two weeks and should help us understand the following: (and decide rather we really like working with each other or not)

Infrastructure: Our diagnosis begins with understanding your infrastructure, including the software you use, your internal processes, your staff, to determine what's working and what isn’t.

Financials: What story are your numbers telling? Complete, accurate, and useful data is integral for understanding how your business is doing. We’ll help uncover the truth in your financial story.

Recommendations: The Rx. We’ll provide best-practice recommendations that will be instrumental in helping your business grow.

Go to Design & Build

Measure Twice. Cut Once.

Financial data provides knowledge and insights necessary to build a successful business - but to get it requires expertise, skill, technology. and the right processes.

DeepSky's accounting architects custom design and implement solutions that include the three pillars of accounting: the right team, the most efficient technology, and right business processes to bring it all together.

The result is a scalable accounting infrastructure built to support successful organizations.

Go to The Best Accounting Department

The BEST Accounting Department

Think you can't afford the expertise you need to have a complete accounting department? Think again.
With DeepSky's Outsourced Accounting Department, pay one monthly fixed price and gain access to our Controller's expertise and our Accounting Ninja's raw processing power.

What Success Looks Like

Your dedicated Controller is your go-to person that takes care of everything financial. They lead your team of Accounting Ninjas to complete the day-to-day tasks like organizing bills to be paid, invoicing, and the reconciliation of bank and payroll accounts. They spot trends and remind you of things that look out of place. Most importantly, they are the person who turn raw data in Actionable Insights that we can communicate, discuss, and act on. 

The Foundation that It's Built On

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    The right mix of pros.

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    Custom made for your business.

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    Curated to meet your needs


DeepSky’s 4-Step Approach

Our proven approach to take you from where you are today to where you want to be.
The journey may be tough, and so is everything that's worthwhile.
Don't worry. We are with you every step of the way.

Agreed Pricing

In a world where most accountants charge by time, our approach is different.
We believe it is important for you to know and agree to our prices before we begin our work.
No guesses. No estimates. No hourly billings.