Your Team

Working with DeepSky means you already have access to some of the most skilled accountants in America. No hiring, no training, and no sick days. It also means that you have not 1 but 3 people working on your accounting team. See below for each of their functions.

Accounting Ninjas

Accountants with 1 - 2 years relevant experience. They are responsible for the day-to-day heavy lifting of your accounting operations. They are data aggregators, organizers, and our first line of defense in spotting anything that requires our attention. Differ from bookkeepers, our Accounting Ninjas posses the skill set to make sense and question the numbers they touch.

Senior Accounting Ninja

Accountants with 2 - 5 years experience. They ensure the work of our Accounting Ninjas are done correctly, perform higher level accounting tasks, and assist our Controllers in the preparation of reports, dashboards, and metrics. Seniors act as the second pair of eyes to ensure accuracy and expedite any roadblocks throughout the month.


Accountants with at least 9 years of experience. Controllers are the head of an accounting department and are responsible for the final production of financial information. Meaningless sets of data should transform into Actionable Business Insights in the hands of DeepSky's Controllers.

Go to Process

Ensuring a Successful Outcome

Entrepreneurs are good at thinking up great ideas – and leaving the details to the team to implement. But the financial details are essential to grow. Relying on disparate staff and inconsistent systems can lead to inaccurate data.

Our check and balance systems ensure we get the correct answers—or if we don’t, we can find out why. You’ll never have to worry about the details and can do what you do best: Continue thinking of great ideas..

Go to Technology

Beautiful Technology

There are no silver bullet technology that even a monkey can use. Trust us, we've looked. But couple some of the best technology today with good people and process, then you will find yourself reviewing your income and expenses, pay them, and track your sales goal from your favorite beach on the other side of the world. All as it should be.

In the past 5 years we've gone through more than 50 solutions in the market and have learned (sometimes the hard way) what works for our customers. We don't just resell them, we design them, implement them, and make sure they play nice with each other. Code (like numbers) is in our DNA.


Our Beliefs

Entrepreneurs may think accounting is only about the numbers, yet there is so much more to gain. At DeepSky, we believe there are 3 Pillars of Accounting: Experts, Processes and Technology. Each pillar stands alone to offer insight into your business. Yet, when they are combined and work together, you will see measurable results that tell a complete story.