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Our customers love us, here's why.

  • Rameet


    Before DeepSky my accounting was antiquated, inefficient, and irrelevant to my business. I was getting zero insights and did not know where my company stood financially. Now, I sit with both my financial and operations controller once a month and go over my numbers to run a smarter business.

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  • Mary

    Grant Law Group

    DeepSky parachuted in and replaced our clunky old-school bookkeeping system with a smart package of online tools and a terrific team. We immediately gained more insight into the business and as a result, we can make better short term plans and long term strategies. Their competence and flexibility really set them apart.

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  • Alex


    Michael's team is very thorough and hands-on. He asks great questions, shows good leadership skills, and is an effective entrepreneur.

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  • Martin

    Short Par 4

    The DeepSky team was not only able to straighten out my accounting data but was able to generate meaningful and actionable information from the data to help move the company forward! When it comes to developing a plan based on the numbers, there is no one I would rather have in my corner!

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  • Robert

    DC Fray

    DeepSky helped review our numbers and accounting system and confirmed we were in the right end zone and doing things well. They made additional recommendations for improvements; but, more importantly, the peace of mind provided by their work is invaluable.

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  • Teva

    Island Fourcast, Inc.

    DeepSky changes lives. Thanks for NOT being another overpaid below average bookkeeper but a true personalized accounting department for our company.

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  • Wilson

    Third Estate Media

    DeepSky came in to help out on a special project with us to get our existing accounting records straight. We walked away from the project with not just cleaned up financial data, but a brand new set of chart of accounts that's actually reflective of our operation.

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  • Kevin

    Quality Systems, Inc.

    Michael and his team were valuable during our management review. The output and quality of his work are outstanding. His insights and recommendations to improve our controls were appreciated. Most importantly, DeepSky's professionalism has made them a pleasure to work with.

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  • Samuel

    The Goods

    I first worked with DeepSky back in 2009 with my first company Akufuncture. 8 years later, DeepSky is now helping our second company, The Goods, with our financial strategy and directions. If you are still trying to do your own accounting, stop it.

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  • Daniel

    Rise Companies

    It took DeepSky 30 days to pay for themselves. It’s not just doing the accounting, but having someone think about the entire ecosystem for you. At this point, our growth is dependent upon having them as part of the team.

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  • Tom

    Maryland Association of CPA

    Michael is an innovative and entrepreneurial accountant with a blend of technology and boundary crossing skills, along with a collaborative mindset. He embodies the future skills we need in the accounting and finance profession.

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