Assessment x Strategy at DeepSky

What got you here, won't get you there. In order to move forward, we need to first understand our current financial position. This is what we called "check engine light". An in-depth assessment to identify potential risk and issues, find out what assets and resources to be utilized, and be strategic in making decisions.

Assessment x Strategy

An in-depth assessment tends to be underrated by entrepreneurs and CEOs. In order to achieve your goals, we first need to know where we are at. Before making any strategic suggestions, we seek to understand your business, your team, and potential risks and opportunities — So we can do more with less.

DeepSky's Assessment x Strategy Include


Financial Infrastructure Audit

The Chart of Accounts (COA) is the backbone of the financial system. During the assessment, we restructure the COA and catch the wrongly categorized charges to keep your financials in order. Also, we evaluate your accounting structure, software, and process in place to find the gap between your current structure and an ideal one.


Financial Health Examination

We use the previous 6-month worth of existing data to do a financial model analysis. This provides insight into your business’s financial health and structure so we can more accurately allocate time and resources to grow your business.


Road Map

After conducting a thorough financial assessment & strategy session we provide you with a list of action items that will help you solve your current issues, gaps, and inconsistencies present in your current financial process. This also provides an excellent starting point to move your company forward.

Questions x Answers

The purpose of “Assessment and Strategy” is to examine existing business processes and the company’s financial infrastructure for more clarity and better decision-making purposes. 

There are 3 essential components of financial assessment x strategy include financial infrastructure, financial health, and a road map.

After a closer look into the processes, people, financials, we are able to identify the potential risks and opportunities in the business. Furthermore, we can take the information, better allocate resources, and make it a series of action steps to move the company forward. to make informed decisions.

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