Proven Tools That Drive Your

Wingman For Your Financial Operations


These tools have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take back control of their lives and their business.

Today, we are still applying these very same tools at DeepSky and our clients. They’ve helped us run a better business while enjoying a more fulfilled life. Now, we’d like to share them with you. 🙂

Free Tools

Accounting Budget Calculator

Is your accounting budget reasonable? Are you overspending or underspending it? Answer 5 quick questions to find out your accounting budget through this calculatorIs.

Power of One Template

Stop exhausting yourself for the 20% sales bump. Download our Power of One template and see where you can make 1% change to grow your net profit by 19%.

My Financial Scorecard

Here's a no-bullshit 3-page report illustrating 1) how good you are at making money, 2) how effective you are at keeping it, 3) what your cash position is and action steps to improve.


Download this MEASURE+HACK™ Workbook and be mindful of things that you want to change and start owning your life today. 

2019 Calendar

Free. Easy. Editable.
Download this customizable 2019 calendar template in one excel file.

Cash Conversion Cycle Calculator

Try out our Cash Conversion Cycle Calculator to see how long it takes from spending $1 on Cost of Goods to receive that $1 as income from customers.