Proven Tools That Drive Your


These tools has helped my personal and other entrepreneurs to take control back to our life and achieve work-life balance.

Today, I am still applying these tools on my own company, also our clients to help them move their life or business forward. And now, I'd like to share with you. πŸ™‚

These tools are especially helpful to entrepreneurs and people who

- are working "in" their businesses
- are living in an out-balance life
- don't have control in their life or businesses

W. Michael Hsu
Founder & CEO of DeepSky

Free Tools

Accounting Budget

Answer 5 quick questions to find out your accounting budget through this calculator.

Power of One

Download the template and see where to make a 1% change to drive your net profit.


Download this MEASURE+Hack Workbook and start owning your life.

My Financial

Can you stand the truth of how well you are running your company? Click to learn more.


Download this customizable 2019 calendar template in one excel file.

Priority Star

Get your priority packet to identify & prioritize your top five priorities will move you forward.