If you plan to scale your business, you should know the most dangerous time for companies is when they begin scaling up. However, a properly built infrastructure can efficiently manage the sudden expansion without adding too much cost.

We provide you with a customized business/accounting process to meet your unique business needs. This will help you manage the processes in a scalable and cost-effective manner - We also have a team of well-trained ninjas ready to implement and maintain the processes for you — so you can solely focus on growing/scaling your business.

What Does an Accounting System Look like?

Many business owners think the accounting system is nothing more but a small piece of process on the financial side of the business. They couldn't be more wrong. The accounting system is closely bound up with your entire operation: Sales and marketing, Production, Management. It's all related. Check out the video and see how they tie together in your business.


This preparation phase sets the stage for all work going forward. This is a necessary step to establish a solid foundation for our planning session. Numbers don't lie. Our team will do a thorough assessment of how well you are doing in the past year, where you are at financially, and identifying opportunities and obstacles for the new year.


Duplicate bills, late payment fees, and wrong invoice numbers — These are the signs that suggest you need an account payable process. Our customized account payable process helps you reduce late payment fees, eliminate duplicate invoice payments, and alert you when suspicious activities occur.

Purchase Order Process

We customize, build, and maintain a purchase order process that meets all your business needs, to make sure you have full control of your business and cash flow.

Inventory Process

Managing inventory can make or break a business. Our customized inventory process helps you figure out exactly how much inventory you need to have on hand, and the counting rhythm will set you on the right track to save on warehouse maintenance fees.

Payroll Process

You don't need an HR department to process payroll. Our customized payroll process is scalable, and it fits all your payroll needs. It also saves you on labor costs and human error. A team of well-trained ninjas is ready to take care of your payroll.

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