5 Tips That Help You Determine Short Term Financial Goals

2020 is arriving all too soon, and new business goals come with it. You want goals that align with your values in the short-term while preparing for the first sixth months of the calendar year. DeepSky wants to help you avoid bad financial advice like lowering prices and reducing the value of your products or […]

The Rockefeller Guide to Accounting (Part 1)

John D. Rockefeller The name John D. Rockefeller elicits a wide range of emotional responses, but seldom succeeds in conveying banality. From the socialites of high society that tout his entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic endeavors as nearly god-like, to circles in which he has been demonized under the conspiratorial view that his rise to such […]

How to Manage Accounts Payable by The End of Year

Tips to prepare your account payable Yes. It’s the end of the year; and with all the holiday festivities going on, businesses around the world have effectively come to a short break (either officially or mentally.) But right now is actually a fantastic time for you to look into ways of improving your business – […]