What’s The Difference Between A Bookkeeper And An Accountant?

Accountants and bookkeepers seem similar, on the surface. Yet the duties involved with each position are different. While the two jobs work with the same sets of data and require some of the same skills, their primary goals, priorities, and job descriptions—as well as the time frames in which they support the business—are in fact […]

What Are The Responsibilities of A Chief Financial Officer?

A chief financial officer (CFO) is an important figure within a business. He or she is one of the highest-ranking officials in a company and one responsible for keeping finances afloat. As a result, they are very important.  Traditionally, a CFO would control all of a company’s finances. They would choose when to introduce new […]

A CFO’s Daily Routine

A Chief Financial Officer needs a strong work ethic. They have to juggle multiple duties to keep a business afloat, regardless of the size. In addition, they need to serve as an ethical compass to ensure that no one is breaking the law. A CFO can work for a small startup or for a mid-to-large […]

What Is The Average Hourly Rate For A Virtual Or Outsourced CFO?

Businesses want a competent Chief Financial Officer, called a CFO for short. You want someone who can handle finances and oversee your financial side of the business, as well as persuade potential investors to inject capital into your cash flow in exchange for a reasonable percentage of equity. In some cases, the CFO may add […]

What to Expect from A Small Business Bookkeeper

A friend running an agency reached out to me and was beating herself up for missing a 40% spending increase in one of her department. Like many agencies, she had a one-person bookkeeping team who she relied on to keep her books, pay the bills, and she wasn’t quite sure what her expectations should be. […]

CFO Consulting Services in Orange County

Owners of small or medium businesses and even startups everywhere have been asking all-important questions lately regarding a chief financial officer (CFO). Especially in Orange County, Florida, you want to know how to manage your cash flow. How much are you growing? Do you need a CFO? Is it too soon? Is it too expensive? […]

Top Outsourced Accounting Services in Orange County California

“Outsourced Accounting” isn’t just the latest OC buzzword in sunny Southern California but a real thing that owners of businesses of all sizes and types are finding out about lately. What is it exactly? It’s a service that gives businesses the expertise that they need in the area of accounting and bookkeeping. OK, it sounds […]

Sample Monthly Accounting Checklist for a CFO

Did you know that the CFOs of today are business intelligence sources but also risk management experts? They really have to be since they need to be ready for providing an instant reply to practically any question posed to them by their CEO regarding business performance. Checklist Sample That’s why savvy CFOs have monthly accounting […]

Top Accounting CFO Firms in Orange County California

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to you to find out that there are numerous top accounting CFO firms all over Orange County, CA. It’s a pretty large and very busy place that houses everything from small Mom and Pop shops to large conglomerates. You can find just about anything here in […]

Why Full Charge Bookkeepers are Outdated

What is full charger bookkeeper Full Charge Bookkeeper: A Thing of the Past Because of the limited scope (and growth) in knowledge. The role “full charge bookkeeper” was created decades ago primarily because of an awkward stage of business. The stage where the entrepreneurs have become so busy that they can no longer ignore do […]