3 Steps to Deal With an Angry Vendor & Late Payment Invoice

You may wonder how to deal with a late payment, as either a company providing services or purchasing them from a vendor. Being on either side of the coin is not fun, especially when cash flow is a higher priority. You want to ask for payment without being rude, or in this case wanting to […]

How To Achieve Profitability in your Service Business?

Steve Jobs said, “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” We’ve been doing 2017 review with our clients. We find that successful people share one thing in common — Simplicity. Curious about how simplicity affects your business and leads you to profitability? Let’s jump right in! Topic: How Simplicity […]

The Importance of Internal Control

You want to be an honest, accountable company. Why? For one, trust is a commodity that consumers value. Once you lose trust, it can take ages to regain it because people are suspicious by nature. You obviously want to build it up for as long as possible. For another, companies have a great incentive to […]