Daily Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur: Focus


I want to rename the term entrepreneur to juggler because each and every entrepreneurial client I work with is a master juggler, able to toss 5, maybe even 7 balls and rotate them through the air, touching each briefly and trying not to let any drop. It’s hard work. It got me thinking, what are daily habits that I and some of my clients have that help make the juggling easier?

My next few blog posts will share some tips I’ve found useful in managing my own juggler lifestyle — Focus

How focus can make you successful

If we learned anything from Steve Jobs, it was focus. But with multiple balls in the air, how do you determine what to focus on? The first thing I do is separate the “to do” list of priorities for the day. Each day I ask myself, what actions do I need to take today to make me feel like I had a successful day? Then I write down my goal for the day. This helps me prioritize and determine what actions serve my goal for that day. I also have to fight against my distractions so I can have a successful day. Email frequently causes me to lose focus. For that reason, I carve out a portion of my day to be email free, so that I can put my own agenda above anyone else’s. A change of locations also helps me stay focused. I spend time in my “office” at the coffee shop when I need a fresh perspective. Stay tuned for daily habit number 2. Drop me a line or comment below if you have any other ideas on how to stay focused to achieve your goals.