Daily Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur: Make Time for Yourself


As we approach Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to talk about what we’re thankful for in our lives and in our businesses and make sure we are devoting time to those things. In this third Daily Habits blog, I want to remind you to that even a great juggler can only handle so many balls.


Having time for yourself is essential to being good at what you do. Jogging, painting, bike riding, playing with your kids. These are not things on the checklist to get done every day; they are enriching activities that help you be better at your job. For myself, working out is essential. It clears my head, relieves my stress, and enables me to do a better job. I recently participated in a 30-day fitness challenge.

Having this personal goal was a good practice in focus for me and drove home the need for clear goals and maintaining a systematic approach to the way I handle business and personal matters. Making time for yourself does not have to be goal-oriented, though. It just needs to be a daily habit. Happy Thanksgiving! Go spend time with those you are thankful for!

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