Daily Habits of an Entrepreneur: Devote Time to Business Development


In part one of my series on daily habits of an entrepreneur, I talked about maintaining focus. The second step is to devote more time to actually developing business. Your daily schedule needs to include at least one element tied to revenue-generation, no matter how profitable your business may be.

Few steps to develop your business

  • Calling a client to see how things are going and suggesting what kinds of additional services are needed
  • Following up on prospects or strategic allies who can provide you referrals
  • Attending a networking event
  • Sending a promotional email
  • Teaching or speaking
  • And, of course, blogging!

Frequently, businesses seem to be in feast or famine time periods. Devoting time each day to some kind of business development activity bring with it valuable rewards.

How do you make sure you are always developing business? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.