Should I Outsource for My Business?

Outsourcing has changed over the last decade due to the technology. Michael believes that outsourcing is the only way to help small businesses to grow rapidly and profitably. But what to look out for before outsourcing? See what advices Michael has shared before you make the decision! Topic – Know These 3 Things Before You […]

Why is your business not making any profit?

How can a company make a profit and still have no cash? 90% of the entrepreneurs are absolutely wrong about cash vs profit. Confused the two can lead to financial issues. Learn how to distinguish the two, and what to do about it. Let’s tune in! Today’s topic – Profit v.s Cash What is profit [00:27] […]

Is your bookkeeper or accountant stealing your money?

How can you avoid your bookkeepers stealing from you? Money is the most important limited resource to an entrepreneur. It’s serious and we hope it hasn’t happened to you. Accordingly, in this episode, our founder W Michael Hsu gives a piece of advice which many entrepreneurs neglect. Let’s check it out! Topic – How to Stop Bookkeepers From Stealing Your […]