Should I Outsource for My Business?


Outsourcing has changed over the last decade due to the technology. Michael believes that outsourcing is the only way to help small businesses to grow rapidly and profitably. But what to look out for before outsourcing? See what advices Michael has shared before you make the decision!

Topic – Know These 3 Things Before You Outsource
Why outsource?[00:26]Outsourcing has changed over the last decades. Thanks to the technology, we can be part of the team regardless geographics. You may have heard some benefits of outsourcing. Let’s go over these benefits really quick. First of all, you’ll have a team of experts if you decided to outsource. It’s essential while you are seeking for someone who has specific expertise. It saves you from training and managing.3 Quick heads-up

Understand the job description

[01:17]  Once you decided to outsource your business, look into these three things. You need to understand the job description before hiring. What is it you’re trying to outsource? What problem you’re trying to solve? For example, are you trying to rebuild/fix the website? Do you need someone to prepare your financial statement? Think about what are the things that you need them to fix.

Know your budget

[01:45] If you’ve identified the problems that you want to solve, figure out your budget. You probably would say, “I don’t know how much should I need to pay.” To have the answer, start from “how much do you want to pay?” Find out the price that you feel reasonable. Then, research what kind of service you can get with the price. Also, don’t afraid to change the expectations when you godowns the road.

Find out your non-negotiable

[02:13] This is extremely important. Find out your non-negotiables. For example, do you want them to be part of your team? Do you want them to join your slack channels? Do you need them already to be used the technology you’re already using? Remember, have your non-negotiable bear in your mind before outsourcing.

With these three things, hope you can find a suitable partner that help you grow by leaps and bounds.

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