2012. Year of the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).


What is BPO

Let’s be honest, when I founded DeepSky, I had no idea what a BPO is.

All I knew was that the accounting department of the world is broken and I wanted to build one that is not.

The idea was simple – one, take accounting back to its root of helping entrepreneurs make the world a better place. And two, utilize the technology we have available to make life easier. But it looks like the whole thing has caught on in the industry and they call it BPO, or rather, business process outsourcing.

Make sense.

The AICPA (the folks that govern and educate us accountants) is making a huge push at every industry event talking about outsourced accounting. We know because I’ve been invited to speak at a few of them. Accenture, the biggest BPO dudes for the Fortune 500, says that mainstream BPO spending will hit $300 million this year. Cool.

Though I would disagree with some of the reasons that others are moving towards an outsourced accounting solution – other benefits are obvious and hard to disagree with. Reasons such as better system, actionable insights, more security, easier life are just a few to start. But frankly, entrepreneurs are just sick and tired of the old way of having an in-house accounting department.

Alas, here’s to 2012 – the year of BPO – the year where entrepreneurs from around the world are freed from the burden of an in-house accounting department.