Annual Accounting and Financial Checklist; Which Meetings Should You Set?


With 2018 just around the corner, how did you do in 2017? Did you hit your goals or did you miss it by a bit? What are your plans/strategies for the new year? Check out this video to learn the 3 meetings that we are hosting before the end of the year to get a head start on 2018.

Annual Checklist

Meetings You Should Have Before 2018

1st Meeting — Meet with your financial people

There’re 39 days left in the year. Are you ready for 2018? The first meeting that will help with off a strong start is — Meeting with your controller, CFO, or your accounting team. We’re not saying that because we’re an outsourced accounting firm. Instead, it’s a good time to review with your financial people how you did in 2017 since they’ve been tracking your numbers. This is where you can find out what works and what does work well this year. And this is where you can plan to work on in 2018.

2nd Meeting — Meet with your tax CPA

Just to be clear, we solely focus on accounting/consulting for management, and we don’t do any tax or compliance job. Most people only think about tax during tax season. One of the benefits meeting your tax CPA at this point is to save on your tax liability. And it’s only 39 days to plan this out. So sit down with your tax CPA and plan how you can spend on Saas, bonus, and distributions. It’s time to spend small, and save big!

3rd Meeting — Meet with your stakeholder

Last but not least, have a meeting with your stakeholders. Before 2018 even start, you should have a meeting with your stakeholder, and figure out what’s your goal for the next year. And make sure each one of them knows their roles in the company and has their own metrics to hold accountable.

With 2018 is just around the corner, we’ve started planning for 2018 with our clients. We hope that you’re too! Cheers!