A Gift From an Accounting Professor


A gift from a friend who I’ve never met in person. These are the best. Jody Padar of New Vision CPA Group is a friend who I’ve met through social media. She is a thought leader in the accounting (tax) industry and had been a pleasure to follow on Twitter.

So last week Jody decided to have a small guessing competition on Twitter that happened as follow:

@JodyPadarCPA: Made my tax students read today’s blog for extra credit. How many will come prepared? I have 38 students. Tweet me your guess.

@JodyPadarCPA: Accepting guesses till 9 central.  Winner will get $ 1.00. I will mail it tomorrow.

@DeepSkyAcc: 16 will have read it with 10 others that’ve asked their friends what it was about and 3 that’d lie about reading it. ;P

@JodyPadarCPA: ONLY 4 students Read my blog…I will try again in two weeks. Winner @DeepSkyAcc! He had best answer and no one else was close.

@DeepSkyAcc: Niice. Will you sign it?

@JodyPadarCPA: $1 signed is on it’s way…  Don’t want to see it sold on eBay!

And here it is ladies and gentlemen. My $1 prize signed by no other than Ms. Jody Padar herself. Yes, do envy.


un-enveloped… yes, it is authentic.


and on to my wall w/ certificates, it goes… going to have to find a frame for it soon. and thanks again, Jody!