Accounting for Service Based Companies


Accounting for Service Based CompaniesIt’s a well-known fact that many entrepreneurs these days know the value of a good idea, creative marketing, and just plain hard work. On the other hand, they often overlook the value of effective accounting practices for their service-based companies. This can be a major mistake.

We Can Help With Your Service Company Accounting

From day one, every company needs to have all of its ducks in a row when it comes to keeping track of their finances. If you don’t, those precious dollars can slip right through your fingers before you know it is even happening. You don’t have to see that happen to your business because we can help since we are in the business of designing, building, and executing financial systems.

DeepSky Accounting

Here at DeepSky, we offer our accounting and bookkeeping services to savvy business owners like you who have small to medium service-based companies. Furthermore, you can trust that your financial data is always safe and secure with us because we understand just how important it is to you. We’ll put together a plan of action for you that can help you to get on a path to a more profitable business without any guesses, estimates, or hourly billings.

Beyond Taxes & Books

 It’s not just about taxes and bookkeeping either. We can help give you the option and ability to start having effective control in the areas of:

  • Making concise financial projections
  • Anticipating financing needs to keep your cash from drying up
  • Adjusting your service offerings for the purpose of downsizing or growing your business
  • Figuring out the hiring and paying of contract labor and/or employees.

Don’t Assume Anything

Some entrepreneurs just assume that all they need to do is throw some basic figures onto an Excel spreadsheet and go from there. That attitude can get you into deep trouble faster than you think. How you approach these issues can mean the difference between a business that’s a smashing success or one that suffers a crushing collapse on down the road.

Money-Based Stress

We know how quickly money can become a major source of anxiety for an owner of a service-based company like you. A successful business comes from continually monitoring everything that comes in and goes out, especially if you use longer payment cycles, like 30 to 60 days following invoicing and/or are working on a project basis. Let’s face it; eCommerce businesses and retailers don’t have to deal with that kind of stress.

Get Started Today

Get your Financial Scorecard (MFS) within 48 hours after you submit the three requisite financial reports. In fact, your very own MFS is only a few clicks away and the online form only takes around 60 seconds to complete. So, if you’re ready for a financial upgrade, contact us at (949) 200-6829 or just fill out our user-friendly form and we’ll get right back to you. Better financial control for your service-based business is just a call or a click away.