Anything Is Possible


Anything is possible

The Story Of LiuIf you are determined and work hard at achieving it. Mr. Liu Da Tan, because of an expired preventive shot administered at his poverty-ridden village in Taiwan, was physically disabled when he was 3. His legs were rendered useless and he could only “crawl” along the floor to move around – people called him crocs.


When he was 7, his father taught him how to use his hand to help him walk. He looked funny and people called him dog. His father, uneducated and poor, went to seek advice from the richest woman in his village to see what his son could learn to become.

“Your son is useless, he doesn’t need to go to school. Just teach him how to be a beggar.” She was no help. Young Mr. Liu was sad but unwilling to give in so early.

Accomplished education at the age of 31

He fought to be admitted into the only elementary school in his village. His older sister started working after elementary school to buy him a tricycle so he could go to school without any help – he graduated first in his class from elementary, middle, high school and then college (at the age of 31.)


When Mr. Liu started looking for a job, he was denied from some 100+ companies – some of the companies’ securities wouldn’t even let him in for the interview – thinking that he was a beggar. He eventually found a factory where the owner, decided to “try him out” for 3 months.

Mr. Liu worked hard to prove himself – working til 10pm when everyone else have left at 5, providing 3-5 different proposals for the boss to choose from when others provided only 1.

Mr Liu said, “I always knew I wanted to be my own boss, so I pretended that I was the owner while I was working. That way, I didn’t feel tired at all.” Anything is Possible

Invent a fire escape elevator

At age 35, Mr. Liu invented a fire escape elevator after seeing a tragedy on TV where a college student wasn’t able to escape a disaster in time.

This escape elevator won him multiple inventor awards and was adopted at most major skyscrapers around Taiwan. With this escape elevator, Mr. Liu made his first “bucket of gold.” Since then, Mr. Liu and his company, Su Pao De Machinery Co., Ltd., had many inventions inspired from anything in the world that they think they could “make better” – device which allows an elevator to safely return to ground floor in case of a power outage, a system that allows the water in a swimming pool to remain clean for 1 year, and an universal fan – are all examples of their handy inventions.

Today, Mr. Liu and his company had established a new factory in the County of Nan To of Taiwan – giving many handicapped personnel a chance at working and becoming self sustaining. Mr. Liu advises, “If you ‘dare to think, dare to desire, and dare to achieve,’ then you’ll make it just fine (no matter what your disadvantages are).” A good story for all you entrepreneurs out there. 🙂

See the following “intro” video – sorry it’s in Chinese but I couldn’t find a good English version.