“Be Unreasonable” as Editor’s Choice on Accounting Today


Whoa. Yesterday was an exciting day for us as my good friend, Kim Hogan from Fujitsu, pointed out that our co-authored piece Be Unreasonable (originally seen in Accounting Today’s July 2011 issue) made it as the Editor’s Choice in Accounting Today (now featured on their front-page.)

Be Unreasonable

Be Unreasonable is a piece that was originally inspired by the red light, green light parking system that I came across at a mall in LA (and again at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas). The idea is simple: a red light overhead indicates that the spot was taken, and a green light indicates that it is available.

It was a clever (and simple) solution to a series of complex problems. It is proof that complex solutions don’t equal better solutions. And I can only imagine how “unreasonable” it seemed for whoever that came up with this brilliant system to be tinkering with Christmas lights while everyone else at his company was busy tackling the problem with real solutions.

The article challenges accountants (and entrepreneurs) to take an unreasonable approach (shamelessly borrowed from Seth Godin’s Unreasonable post) to the issues that their customers are facing in order to deliver an unexpected and better solution.

How DeepSky be unreasonable in business

The article illustrates our ideal at DeepSky where we strive to do more with less. So check out our “Be Unreasonable” piece in Accounting Today if you have a few minutes to (hopefully) be inspired. Then take that inspiration and do something amazing for your customer today. As always, tell us what you think in the comments below – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

update 8/19/2011: And speaking of unreasonable, we have been contacted by Source Media saying that we are not allowed to link to their website because of copyright issues. If you still want to read the article – hit up their home page and I guess you can search for it. Sorry.

update 9/1/2011: We have confirmed with good sources within Source Media that it is perfectly okay in this country (and most others we would want to be in) to link to any page on the internet. So the links are back. Woohoo!