What is Being Creative


What is being creative?

I came across this video today via a good friend and absolutely fell in love with it. Not with the phone, it’s a concept, but with the person and their idea behind it. I fell in love because it is everything we believe in at DeepSky. I fell in love because they told it better than we could have. So I wanted to share it with our fans.

“…try and drop the assumption that you already know how to do things, and already know the solutions. Stray away from the direct paths. Take risks… we may not always create and invent, but we always learn when we try…”

What do you think? Is it important for your company, your accountant or your firm to be creative? Are you making something of value? Are you telling your story? Are you passionate? Are you sharing your creativity? And are you inspired?

This awesome video was created by Interaction Designer РKristian Ulrich Larsen.