Business Needs Drive Accounting Choice


Why DeepSky

I spent a day at a customer’s warehouse yesterday helping them with inventory and talking business with the CEO. We’ve grown to become friends even in the short one year time frame they had been our customer, so the conversation is relatively unfiltered and honest, then we got around talking about our business relationship. Since I am usually pretty (in his own words) “intense” with him when pressing information about what drives his company, goals, measurement and the likes – I thought I’d pressed him for his perspective on us.

“What made us different?” I asked. He thought for a half second and said, “you guys care.” But I wasn’t satisfied,”every accountant out there claims that they ‘care,’ and you won’t know the difference until it’s too late.

How are we different?”

“No,” he paused, fishing for insights, “other accountants care about the accounting work they do. They may care about doing it efficiently and doing it accurately. And if they are truly ‘above the par,’ they may also care to explain the numbers to how it makes sense to us. But, they don’t really care. They don’t really care about my business.” Interesting.

I take pride in the good (accounting) work DeepSky delivers to our customers – but we as a company know (and constantly remind ourselves) that we only do it to satisfy the needs of the customer’s business. Accounting initiative after business needs. Makes perfect business sense. Yet so few accountants practice it.

Happy holidays folks.

We are blessed to have had an amazing 2011 thanks to the support and love from our team, teachers, colleagues and, of course, our customers. We are stoked to continue to be there for more entrepreneurs in 2012 as we scale up our operations in the new year. If you are an entrepreneur and thinks that we can either help take away pain or deliver benefits to your business by becoming your accounting department – don’t hesitate to give us a shout – we’ve got some pretty amazing things going on.