CFO Services for Service Based Companies


Are you the owner of a service-based company in Orange County? Some people aren’t really sure but any commercial enterprise that’s providing work performed for its customers rather than products supplied is a service-based business. The typical ones provide an intangible product, like accounting, consulting, banking, education, insurance products, cleaning services, gardening, landscaping, treatments, and/or transportation services.

DeepSky Bookkeeping and Accounting

At DeepSky, we are proud to be a service-based business that provides bookkeeping and accounting services to companies all over Orange County, CA. Some of our best customers/clients are other service-based businesses as well. In addition, we also provide outsourced CFO services for service-based companies just like yours.

Are You Ready for Outsourced CFO Services?

How do you know that you’re ready for an outsourced CFO? It’s pretty simple. Do you spend way too much of your valuable time trying to keep up with the bookkeeping and accounting chores related to your service-based business? Does it cause you to get behind on other important aspects of your business, like growth and marketing? On the other hand, are those all-important accounting tasks getting way behind because you can’t afford an effective and up-to-date in-house accounting department? Are you incurring penalties and interest due to the fact that all of your important reporting isn’t getting done in a timely manner and/or isn’t properly executed?

Yes, You’re Definitely Ready!

If you answered “yes” to one or more of those questions, you’re ready for our outsourced CFO services. In fact, you may be way beyond ready. Don’t worry though; we’ve got you covered. Let an outsourced CFO help you with tracking your accounts payables and receivables, while also managing your payroll records, tracking your loan and interest payments, maintaining your company’s budget, and more. In addition, when all of those many accounting headaches come along, you’ll have your outsourced CFO on standby ready to handle them in a way that only an expert can.

Put an End to Stress

Everybody knows that money, (or perhaps more accurately, the lack of money), can quickly turn into a crippling source of anxiety for anyone who owns and operates a service-based business. To be really successful, you need to constantly monitor every penny coming in and going out. It’s also a fact that, for every hour you have to spend on trying to do your own financial planning and bookkeeping is an hour that’s taken away from running your business effectively. You need to be spending all of that time on creative things, like marketing and growth. You don’t have to be stuck in the middle in this constant battle for your time when you can let a professional CFO take care of your accounting for you.

Your Free Quote is Waiting

Life is way too short for you to be spending your valuable time worrying about the financial health of your service-based company. Outsourced CFO services just might be the solution you’ve been looking for, so contact us at (949) 200-6829 for your free DeepSky outsourced CFO services quote.