Cost of Hiring an Accounting Company in Orange County


Many small business owners don’t possess a great deal of knowledge in the area of bookkeeping and even less in actual accounting processes. If you can afford it, you probably already have a staff member or maybe even several members of your company’s team who handle these issues. However, most owners and operators in the small business arena don’t really have the financial resources for hiring a financial processing staff to work in-house. What are they supposed to do?

Value of Professional Services

Savvy businessmen and women in Orange County usually hire an accounting company, like DeepSky, whose specialty is business finance. The value of our professional services, as accountants encompass several areas, includes saving you plenty of money and saving you considerable stress. Your first question is probably “How much will this cost me?”

Custom Accounting Plans

Hiring a basic accounting company generally can average somewhere between $500 and $2,500 per month, which you’ll get a basic set of books to file tax. The exact amount depends upon how many transactions will be involved. However, if you’re looking for an accountant who understands your business, and is capable of providing actionable data, you need to manage your company. You’ve come to the right place. We focus on providing management accounting services for CEO/entrepreneurs/business owners to better run their business. In addition, we can also customize your accounting plan to suit your business needs. Our price starting at $40K-$60K/year, which you can expect a controller leads a team of accountants, who will keep your book up to date and make sure your financial stay on top of your mind.

Saving You Money

Now that you have an idea about cost and customized plans, your next question is probably “Will hiring an accounting company save me money?” The answer is, of course, an affirmative one. For starters; we deal with financial issues every single day and have for years now. We think nimbly, and be able to quickly analyze financial issues due to our vast network of clients. That means that we have the expertise necessary for showing you how you can make 1% change and yield the biggest impact on both your operational and employee costs. The fact is that what you could save will more than compensate for anything you might pay for our services.

Helping Grow Your Business

On top of that, over time, we can also help you to become more efficient at using certain important principles of good financial management for organizing all of your financial documentation and keeping it that way all the time. All of our efforts, as your chosen accounting firm, will be focused on your company’s financial health and that, of course, includes saving you as much money as we possibly can. With us on your team, you can get back to the all-important task of growing your business and increasing your bottom line.

Free Quote

Every day that you’re in business for yourself is much too short to have to devote hours and hours to sorting through accounting issues. That’s why a free quote for accounting services could be the answer, so contact us at (949) 200-6829 and get one from DeepSky for your business today.