DeepSky’s List of the Best Banks for Entrepreneurs


A company’s relationship with its bank is built on convenience, ease of use, trust and, of course, lending. Because customers and colleagues continually ask for our opinions about large “name-brand” banks and smaller, community banks, here are my top-line thoughts on the ones that excel and those that lack what you need.

DeepSky List is the always-updating list of our favorite tools and services for entrepreneurs who are changing the world.

The List of the Best Banks for Entrepreneurs

Bank of America (Winner)

Bank of America wasn’t always our favorite because of its generally poor customer service to its personal banking audience. In the past year, however, we’ve seen an increase in customer satisfaction among our customers who use their business banking services. Finally, Bank of America takes the leading position with their latest online banking technology – providing most data and insight to end users among all the banks our customers are using.


  • Wire information is more complete than its competitors; showing end users almost all of the relevant information to each wire transfer
  • Online banking search function is easier and more complete with filters
  • Transaction data are retained for a longer period of time than its competitors


  • Business online banking service require separate activation and additional monthly cost
  • Multiple access to owner and accounting team is harder than it needs to be to set up

Honorable Mention List of US Banks


Chase had been our favorite for a long time up until a few years ago. As a national bank, Chase tends to have the latest and greatest technology with the best user interface and experience. They are in the second position at the moment, primarily because even though all the data and information are easy to access, there is limited information recorded. Check images and wire information are sometimes incomplete and require end user and accounting team to dig or recall transactions that have happened weeks or months ago.


  • Easiest to set up multiple online banking access complete with access restrictions
  • Best online user interface and user experience
  • Offers remote deposit of checks


  • Wire fee tends to be higher than its competitors
  • Pretty good amount of data retained but not as detailed as Bank of America

US Bank

US Bank uses a separate online banking platform called US Bank SinglePoint Essentials (separate service sign up and additional fees) for its business customers, which we thought it was interesting. The two system is pretty separate. The regular online banking is more of a consumer product and doesn’t allow much of a business access/integration. SinglePoint on the other hand only starts pulling data in from your bank after you’ve set up the service, which would almost always incur some data loss. User interface and experience is very old school and ledger-like and can be difficult to use.



  • Technology is segregated and not all information is synced
  • Generally takes a long time to get anything set up or delivered


Citibank is opening up more branches throughout California and had always been pretty dominant in Asian markets. While their personal banking side usually delivers a good online banking experience, their business banking portal takes you back through time.


  • Great international presence means easier access to money while traveling abroad
  • Citigold service means different benefits and waived fees


  • Online banking is outdated and difficult to use

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