Delivering Happiness


Deliver Happiness

Simple question. Does your company deliver a little happiness? Better yet. How can your company deliver a little happiness? How will it change the world? How will it change your world?

In the new economy, it is not about having the newest features or the biggest selection. Customers can give a flying ____ about all that. It is about making a connection. It is about touching someone’s life. It is about creating a little happiness. Sounds a bit too touchy-feely? Well, it’s not. And while you are thinking about delivering happiness to your customers, don’t forget your team either. (You know? The people working in your company?)

Most of them will probably bend their backs backwards if you will deliver a little happiness to them. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be big. It just have to be genuine. Real world examples of companies that do it well? Check out Zappos and their culture or their surprise upgrades or them sending flowers to their customers. Check out Coca-Cola and their videos below – the inspiration for this post.

Are you inspired? What would you do to deliver a little happiness?