Do You Know How Much Revenue You Will Generate In 90 Days?


Revenue brings in the necessary cash flow to your business. That same cash will pay your bills, keep your employees in the office, and help with calculating profits overall. Knowing how much revenue you will generate in 90 days, or three months and a quarter of a year can help you anticipate how to handle sudden growth.

What’s more, revenue can assist with calculating profit and serve as a viable metric to know if your products and services are reaching customers. The marketplace determines if you have value and speaks with numbers.

How To Calculate Revenue

How to calculate revenueWe believe that revenue is vanity and that cash matters more. Nevertheless, calculating revenue is still necessary. You can’t just toss money at bills when costs spike in the middle of a growth period. That’s an easy way to solve superficial problems rather than dig deep into finding long-term solutions.

For starters, the minute that you run out of that cash from revenue, then your business is dead. You are no longer profitable when your business is not making any money.

The first step after calculating a simple revenue is to figure out what metrics you want to use, and if you have a viable record for tracking which products and services as selling. This can include a quarterly income statement, which will use the revenue within a certain time period to calculate profit. Other options can include looking at incoming cash flows and to identify the source.

In our experience, the simplest way to calculate revenue is to multiply the number of a certain product or service sold against the set price, within a designated time period. In this case, the time period would be 3 months’ worth of business. This result gives you a benchmark, and you can then use it to see if current performance is meeting expectations.

We believe that you need to find an existing metric and then work with it to assist with generating revenue. This gives you a starting point when you pair with a goal for numbers. That’s not the only factor, however; you also want to pinpoint the types of customers that you want to attract. Target audiences are key to growth especially when you are starting to see traction.

You may have strength in repeat buyers rather than attracting new ones. Perhaps your website doesn’t have as many conversions as you would like. No matter the issue, when you identify it, then you can act on it.

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