How Can Small Businesses Use an Outsourced CFO


how can small businesses use an outsourced cfoAs a small business owner, you probably think, like many others do, that you’re just not quite big enough to have a CFO. You may just muddle through every month putting your numbers into Quicken or Quickbooks or some other program and thinking that’s all you can afford. Then you may hand it all over to your CPA monthly, quarterly, or possibly only yearly at tax time. What does he do? He charges you an arm and a leg to get you up-to-speed and up-to-date. He also sends you scrambling for any missing but very necessary info. At this point, you realize that you need somebody to be on top of the financial health of your company at all times so that you can spend your valuable time running your small business.

You Can Afford an OSCFO

Does this sound familiar to you? No doubt it does. The fact is, however, that you don’t need to be cutting quality on your accounting needs in order to save money. When you have outsourced accounting services, like a part-time CFO, you’ll actually be getting high-quality financial services provided by an expert. At DeepSky, we have that expert that your company couldn’t possibly afford to be hiring full time. On the other hand, you could easily afford an outsourced CFO (OSCFO) for providing all of your important financial needs.

Benefits of OSCFO Services

Those financial needs can include accounting services, reporting, payroll services, and many bookkeeping services geared toward small businesses like yours. That being said, here are a number of ways that your company could be benefitting from our DeepSky OSCFO services:

  1. Salary Cost Savings because the average annual CFO salary can run around $250k or more, so having to pay a full-time CFO could be not only difficult but probably impossible for your small business. With our OSCFO services, there are no taxes, health and retirement benefits, and no high salaries. This means significant savings without sacrificing the quality of work.
  2. Financial Advice for increasing profitability and securing your company’s financial condition.
  3. Accurate Financial Reporting from an OSCFO who understands preparing and reviewing your critical documents.
  4. Streamlining Accounting Systems for achieving cost savings.
  5. Problem-Solving to fix financial issues before they become problems.
  6. Financial Analysis of your costs and profits for planning financial strategies.
  7. Restructuring for finding ways to bring your AP current and freeing up cash.
  8. Cash Capital Improvement for an effective cost-cutting strategy that frees up capital.
  9. Financial Document Preparation for showing to potential investors.
  10. A Fresh Viewpoint for solving problems that in-house staff is too close to see.

Contact Us Today

If any or even all of these benefits sound like what your small business needs, then what you want is an outsourced CFO. If you would like more information on how your business can start benefiting from using our OSCFO services, talk to one of our experts at DeepSky today at (949) 200-6829. Just contact us so that we can help you formulate a workable plan for getting your business back on track.