How Much Does a Virtual CFO Cost?


The CFO position in any company can be one requiring a true professional in the field due to its many complexities. The truth is, however, the many management functions that a CFO provides could be a must-have for many a business and the way that it effectively functions in the business world. The problem is that a lot of those businesses are simply unable to fit a CFO into their budget.

Access That You Control

Are you the owner of one of those companies? Would you like to know what your best option might be? Well, it’s a virtual CFO. What is a virtual CFO? A virtual CFO works within a virtual environment where your company data, docs, action plans, reports, and other insights are available online 24/7 via a browser. Access to this info requires stringent password protections as well as a single-access-point. It also requires distribution-access that you completely control.

Virtual CFO Cost

Unfortunately, there isn’t any set pricing for virtual CFOs but there are a number of things can influence the cost. The main influencers are:

  1. The size of your business,
  2. The type of business,
  3. Your company’s annual revenue,
  4. The complexity of your finances,
  5. The number of hours that you’ll need virtual CFO services.


That’s why your company needs a virtual CFO customized plan. As a leader in our field at DeepSky Accounting, we offer customized plans. We’re also quite sure that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable we can make one for your business. Find out how affordable it can be today.

A Customized Plan Just For You

At DeepSky, we’re ready to prepare a customized virtual CFO plan for you. This is the perfect alternative to hiring an in-house/full-time CFO. It’s also one that has been taking off and becoming more and more popular recently with companies just like yours. The introduction of pricing that fits into more company budgets has been one of the main reasons for the popularity of virtual CFOs. If all of this sounds good to you, then you probably need a virtual CFO.

Seize the Growth Opportunity

In addition, the practice can also give small and medium-sized companies more opportunities for growth and better financial control. Spending just a fraction of normal CFO costs while you can also get expert CFO services for a nominal monthly service fee is a win-win for you and your business. At DeepSky, we’re ready to prepare your customized CFO plan, so contact us at (949) 200-6829. If you prefer, you can simply fill out our user-friendly form to see what we can do for your company.