How to analyze CFO rates, proposals and engagement letters


If you’re a business owner, then every single day you’re faced with important issues that you have to deal with. Because you’re so busy, handling your company’s finances can be a handful. You’ve been working hard to grow your business and now it’s big enough to need a CFO. All you need to do now is find some candidates and then analyze their rates, proposals and engagement letters. On the other hand, you could save yourself some time and trouble with an outsourced CFO from a trusted accounting firm based in Orange County, CA.

Analyzing CFO Rates

Here at DeepSky Accounting, our outsourced CFO pricing is a fixed rate that is based upon several factors. When we give you a price quote, you can depend on the fact that it isn’t just an estimate that will continue to grow. We take the time for learning exactly what your business needs and then we prepare your quote using specific criteria for itemizing your set price. In addition, receiving a quote from a member of our team means that your price will be all-encompassing. There won’t be any miscellaneous fees or hidden charges unless certain circumstances within your organization change drastically.

Analyzing Proposals

A proposal from any outsourced CFO firm is just that, a proposal. When we work as your virtual CFO, we will become a member of your team, not just another vendor that you’re working with. We’re not just a traditional accounting firm that only meets with you quarterly or even annually. As your outsourced CFO team, we will provide a clear, customized proposal to suit your business, your budget, and your short and long-term goals.

Analyzing Engagement Letters

An engagement letter is very important in your search for a CFO and should be carefully analyzed to ensure that your CFO will be performing at your expected level, for the number of hours necessary for your organization, and for a price that you can afford. When you choose us for your outsourced CFO team, we will submit an engagement letter that is tailored to your specific business’ need, not someone else’s. Sometimes other firms and/or individuals who want to become your in-house or outsourced CFO will simply use a standard letter with standard terms. This doesn’t help your business nor will it help you decide what to do because it’s not customized specifically for just your organization.

Call Today for More Info

At DeepSky, we’re ready, willing, and able to discuss with you the rates for customized outsourcing of a Chief Financial Officer for the benefit of your company. Contact us today at (949) 200-6829 or just by filling out our form so we can get right back to you with some more info so that you can make an informed decision. Please don’t wait until your company gets into some financial trouble from of a lack of necessary financial guidance. Contact us today.