How to Hire a CFO


It’s true that these days there are some small businesses that are doing just fine with just the help of an in-house bookkeeper or even a controller. Others still DIY it. However, eventually, most business owners come to the realization that a CFO just might be necessary. Sure, bookkeepers, controllers, and accountants can hold an important place in modern businesses but CFOs can be quite helpful in different areas with different things. They can provide actionable insight into just how well (or not-so-well) your particular business is doing financially.

Hiring a CFO

Now that you’ve determined that you need a CFO, how do you go about hiring one? If you’ve decided to try an in-house/full-time CFO, you need to start searching for some suitable candidates. Every company tends to be different from all the others, so everybody looks for a CFO in a different manner. That being said, we’ve put together four helpful hints aimed at assisting you with making that all-important decision and finding the very best solution for you and your business.


  1. Using your personal and professional connections, (That’s if you have any.)
  2. Hiring an executive search company,
  3. Keeping a close eye on the industry publications,
  4. Evaluating all of the options. (especially outsourcing)

A Time-Consuming Process

If all of that sounds like it could be a lot of work and a serious drain on your valuable time as a business owner, well, you’re probably right. Finding a full-time CFO to work in-house can definitely be a time-consuming process that you really don’t have to waste your time on. You can just call us at DeepSky Accounting and we’ll take care of everything for you. In fact, outsourced CFOs are actually one of our specialties. We have the experience and expertise in the accounting field that you need from a firm that you will be entrusting your vital financial data and literally the future of your business to.

A Better Option

Think about it. Do you really feel that your small or medium-sized business needs a full-time/in-house CFO? How much work do you have for a dedicated in-house CFO to do on a daily basis? Is it really worth it to you to hire somebody full-time? If it turns out that you don’t need a full-time CFO on your staff or that you simply can’t afford one, then an outsourced CFO could be the answer. We can help you with that.

Get Your CFO Plan Today

Here at DeepSky, we can prepare an outsourced CFO plan that is customized just for your business, so contact us at (949) 200-6829. You can also just fill out our user-friendly form. We want to show you what an outsourced CFO can do for your company.