Meet Steve


Hi Steve

DeepSky recently had a revelation. We met a cool guy named Steve. Steve is a 38-year-old entrepreneur who owns a service or distribution company. His company does about 1 to 10 million in revenue each year and (as a true entrepreneur) he is looking to grow his business. Steve believes that great accounting can provide him with the insights he needs to do just that but is looking beyond the traditional accounting solution. Specifically, Steve likes technology and is really searching for someone that can transform his business by first transforming his accounting operations.

Steve is DeepSky’s ideal customer. We realized that focusing our attention on an (even more) specific niche is the best only way to provide remarkable service. Also, our new found specificity provides for easier marketing strategies because we know exactly what “Steve” is looking for, what he likes and where he usually is. So, with that said, we encourage you all to take a look at your current and potential customer base. Is it too broad? Too narrow? After making any needed adjustments to your base, keep this question in mind when going about your business: “Will this get me closer to [Insert ideal customer name here]?”. If the activity in question does not get you any closer to Steve, question why it is being done in the first place and if it is really necessary. If you can’t come up with a why and it is unnecessary, then your best bet is most likely to cut away!