Mission: Small Business – Help DeepSky Advance!


Hello, DeepSky family and friends. We have entered a competition and are asking you all for your support and help. Chase and LivingSocial are giving 12 businesses across America $250,000 grant to help boost their growth and we’ve entered DeepSky in the competition. To advance to the next stage, we will need at least 250 votes on www.missionsmallbusiness.com. Thanks for all the amazing response and support over the last 1.5 days – we are nearly there at 225 227 243 with just 25 23 7 more to go!  Will you help us through the last stretch and vote, please? Here’s how to do it.

1. click on https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/

2. click “log in & support” on the bottom right corner (will use Facebook to authenticate)

3. type in “Deepsky” in the business name box and search

4. when you see 73 sapphires for the address click “Vote”

That’s all folks. Should take you less than 60 seconds to finish. (Though I do believe Magen Smith currently holds the record at 5 seconds?) Much much love and appreciation for all the help! Also, a thousand thanks to all those who’ve voted. You all are rockstars! Thanks to Michelle for some of the kindest words about DeepSky. Truly honored and humbled.

And of course, my dear friend Cindy (Hallowee) Woo for setting up the “Support DeepSky” group on Facebook and campaigning for us throughout the night.