Orange County Accountant for Small Business



Bookkeeping and accounting are both something that you have to either learn or outsource if you own and/or operate a small business in Orange County. Now, chances are you really don’t have the time for all of that learning with all that’s involved in running a business. That obviously means that your best option is to outsource to a reliable OC Accountant that can handle all of that for you with a proven approach designed for taking your business from where it is today all the way to where you want it to be.

Professional Accounting Services for Small Businesses 

At DeepSky, we are very proud of the professional accounting services that we offer to small businesses in Orange County, CA. Many of our clients are people who have an entrepreneurial spirit just like you do. They’ve worked really hard to become small business owners and many of them have discovered the many benefits of using outsourced accounting services. Our OC accounting team is ready, willing, and able to start helping you with a number of services, including auditing, accounting, and bookkeeping.

An Organizational System 

Right from the start, we can help you with establishing a properly-functioning system for the organization of everything involved in the finances of your business. This includes everything from the smallest of expense receipts to the most important business records and everything in-between.

Choose the Best Method 

If you’re a new business owner, your first step should be determining what type of bookkeeping method you should use from the available options:

  1. DIY

You could use special bookkeeping software like Quickbooks or simply just use an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. In-House

If you can afford the high expense, you do have the option of building your own accounting department with an in-house accountant or bookkeeper.

  1. Outsourced

Better yet, if you have neither the time for #1 nor the funds for #2, then using our outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services for your small business could be a perfect choice.

Your Payroll System 

You may be like so many small business owners and be running a one-man show. However, as you grow, you’ll probably find it necessary to hire employees. You might start with just one part-time employee for helping you out, or it could be a freelancer for designing your logo. Your first step needs to be establishing whether the new hire will be considered to be an independent contractor or an employee. When you have professional accounting help, we can advise you in these areas as well as setting up your payroll system when the need arises.

Get Your Free Quote Today 

Simplifying all of your accounting processes is our specialty at DeepSky. That’s why outsourced accounting could be the ideal solution for your small business, so contact us at (949) 200-6829 for your free DeepSky Accounting quote.