Outsourcing Accounting Pros and Cons


Just like with everything else in business, the practice of outsourcing accounting has its pros and cons. If you’re a business owner, you could be ready for an in-house accountant but just can’t quite afford one that works in-house. Full-time accounting departments can be beyond many business budgets whereas outsourced accounting could be the answer. To help you make that all-important decision for your business, we’ve put together a few pros and cons of outsourced accounting for you.


  1. You’re able to start allocating more resources to processes that are actually adding direct value to your central business strengths.
  2. Outsourced accounting can help you to run a more efficient business.
  3. It liberates you and your team so you are focusing mainly on activities that are generating sales.
  4. Hiring full-time in-house bookkeeping and/or accounting staff won’t help your business with the production of more inventory, improving your digital-retail experience, or reaching more potential buyers.
  5. You could very well be making more money if you hired a sales/marketing rep, professional product designer, or even a web developer than an in-house full-time accountant, bookkeeper, CFO, or controller.
  6. With outsourced accounting, you’ll be getting more expertise and guidance for your money.
  7. You get more peace of mind and the ability to relax, knowing that you’re receiving accounting support that is not only responsible but also the most reliable.
  8. Approximately 40 percent of entrepreneurs who handle their own bookkeeping and accounting end up spending 80+ hours per year trying to manage their finances.


  1. You might start feeling like you could be losing oversight of your business activities and spending when you’re not doing all of your bookkeeping yourself.
  2. Letting go can be hard for entrepreneurs.
  3. You might feel limited in your ability to have control and effective communication with an outside party, however, there are methods for building a communicative relationship with your chosen outsourced accounting firm via the wonders of client/vendor communication software and technology.

Part and Full-Time Options

We know how the cost of having to pay a full-time bookkeeper and/or accountant in-house can be a financial burden for many small and even medium-sized businesses. Here at DeepSky Accounting, we offer outsourced accounting services, including both part and full-time options.

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