The Death of The Paper Check


Checks are dead

I will never forget the amusement and frustration I heard in my friend’s voice when he was explaining the culture shock (he is in New Zealand) he was experiencing with the need for us “Americans” to print “cheques.”

“We are writing accounting software for 30 some countries and this is the first time we are getting significant requests for a feature to print ‘cheques’.” he semi-complained, “what’s the deal?

I haven’t even seen a ‘cheque’ in 10 years!” I laughed. He (and apparently the rest of the world) does have a point though.

Paper Checks

Paper checks, like having data stored on your local hard drive, give us a false sense of security and control. The “no one can steal from me because I’ve got my checks locked up” mentality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fact is, having paper checks sitting (or circulating) around increases the chance for thieves to steal from you. Textbook frauds like check forgery, counterfeit, and alteration, and check kiting all require one common thing – paper checks. By eliminating paper checks, you can significantly reduce your risks of being a fraud victim.

So, take your bill pay (accounts payable) process to the cloud and pay your vendors via ACH or eChecks (trust us, they’ll love you for it.) Save the time and money it takes to print, sign and mail paper checks. Reduce the risks of fraud in your accounting process. All while making your business greener and more sustainable for our kick-ass planet. R.I.P. Checks (aka ‘Cheques’). We won’t miss you.