The New Accounting “Inbox”


DeepSky and ScanSnap

Ollo. We are excited to announce that we’ve contributed a story about how we delivered a little happiness (and an HSD – High Satisfaction Day) to one of our newer customer on Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Community website. I wouldn’t exactly call it a “case study,” but it is a small peek into the things we do for our customers and how we transform their accounting operation by taking them paperless and into the cloud. It is also a good story on how technology has really changed accounting operations for the better.

Here’s a quick excerpt below or read the full story The New Accounting “Inbox” on Fujitsu’s website. …Two weeks later I received the HSD phone call: “Michael! You have changed my life,” Teva boomed through the phone, “We love our new accounting inbox and you’ve made the entire process so easy. I am totally stoked!”…so am I Teva, so am I. There isn’t a single mathematical measurement in the world that can capture the value we’ve just created in this relationship, yet I’m certain it is imperative to the success of our business. We’ve delivered a dose of happiness to him by making his life easier.

Enjoy and sound off in the comments below on some other areas where you think technology has completely transformed your business processes (doesn’t have to be an accounting.)

update 5/31/2011: Fujitsu’s readers love our article on “the new accounting inbox” so much that Fujitsu put us front and center in their May newsletter. Niiice.