Benefits of Cloud Computing Accounting



The Cloud

Before writing this blog, I heard people talking about “The Cloud” and always wondered what they were really talking about. Obviously, I had to do a bit of research, and I came to realize that all

Accounting Cloud Apps

“The Cloud” really means is the internet.

So why is the concept of the cloud and cloud computing so difficult for us regular people to grasp?


For some reason, the term Cloud combined with Computing spurs a plethora of explanations and descriptions by various experts that are significantly different from each other. The term has come to encompass such broad categories that it has become confusing to define at all. So, why don’t we just do a simple explanation that relates to us?

Let’s say you are a small business owner with big dreams. You want to drive sales through the roof while keeping your costs as low as possible. You soon realize that this dream will become more

attainable if you had access to the multitude of business apps out there. But of course, in-house business apps are EXPENSIVE because they require a complex system that includes paying for office space, electricity, bandwidth, IT staff, servers, and storage, etc.

With this much complexity, even the biggest and most profitable companies have trouble keeping up with their apps. So of course, small businesses have no chance at all working this way. Then, it comes cloud computing to allow your apps to be run on a shared data center rather than in your office. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you will suddenly have thousands of apps at your fingertips.



Just go to the app’s website, enter your information, and you’re in! Yes, it sounds a little too simple to be true. But that’s really all it is. And whether you realize it or not, you have been utilizing cloud computing for a while now. If you have ever used online email, word press, Google code, Salesforce, or Amazon web services, then you were “in the cloud.”

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

The benefits of cloud computing are seemingly never-ending but here are a few to get you started:

Cost less

You don’t need to pay for the staff, facilities, and products that are required to run in house apps, so the start-up cost is substantially lower.

Only pay for what you use

This comes in handy for businesses that are seasonal and need more use in some months than others. 3. It requires less in house staff, which means less fixed salaries + benefits + vacation + sick time + taxes + you get the idea.

Cloud BenefitsAccess your data easily

There’s no need to be at the office or on your own computer to access your apps.

It’s scalable

When your company grows, there is always enough room to expand. The scalability of cloud computing is incredible. Many apps can handle anywhere in between a few users at a start-up to an entire corporation of users.

Secure your data

There is improved reliability and security of data. Because the app is being shared by all of its users (who are usually in the thousands if not millions), the security and reliability is the very best possible.

However, you are still able to customize your section of the app to fit your business’s needs. So, there you have it! I guess cloud computing isn’t so “cloudy” after all. 🙂