Use Accounting to Build a Profitable Business


Why accounting shouldn’t be an afterthought

Many successful entrepreneurs have pointed out that a capable controller should be a key hire you make as soon as you are able to afford one. Others would argue that you cannot afford not to have one. The issue is that 99% of accountants out there think defensively about what they do.

In turn, entrepreneurs treat accounting like a cost center. A passive move in their company. “Help me pay as little taxes as possible and don’t let me go to jail,” they say. Entrepreneurs are willing to pay very little for this. As they should. But accounting was created for much more than that. It was created to help achieve goals and aspirations. No entrepreneurs aspire to “not go to jail,” they aspire to build a successful business. And the key to building a successful business is by knowing the numbers and then doing something about it.Treat the numbers from accounting like the dashboard of your car (not the rearview mirror.) A good accountant helps with that. That’ valuable.

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