Using Priorities and KPIs to Hold Your Team Accountable


[01:42] Opening 

It’s crazy hiring season now. One of Michael’s friend Steve is trying to hire 12 people at a time. Six of them are salespeople. Check out the video below see how they came up with setting expectations and KPIs to achieve such a big round of hiring.

Quick recap: How to Hire the Right People for Your Team

In episode 10, we brought up the idea of thinking about the job description instead of job title when hiring. So, we have a bigger chance to hire the right people, and get things done.

[00:53] How to come up with  the right expectation

In Steve’s case, he’s trying to onboard six salespeople, so he can achieve $3 million in revenue. With that said, each salespeople has to bring in $500,000. This is the ultimate KPI to measure their performance.

[1:09] Priorities and personal KPIs

Start from the ultimate KPI. What are these salespeople’s five priorities to achieve $50,000. For example – make sales call, or visit existing clients etc. Once set up the priorities, we can start from there and set the aligned KPIs to evaluate their performance. In this instance, it can be make 10 cold call each day, attend 3 events etc.

[1:41] The last piece of recruiting strategy: