Virtual CFO Services


The job of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is quite a complex one and requires a consummate professional and in-depth experience. The position’s overall management function can be absolutely essential to any business. Many companies, especially start-ups and others with limited budgets can’t afford the high salary of a proficient in-house CFO. The fact is, however, that to operate a company without a CFO’s guidance is like flying blind. When you have the right CFO services in place, you can spend your time focusing on revenue growth and maximizing profitability. That’s where virtual CFO services come in.

The Basics

Some of the basic fundamentals of any CFO position include:

  1. To assist management in developing operating strategies that improve on the present and plan for the future.
  2. To take full responsibility for accurate and timely reporting of cash flows, as well as financial performance and the overall condition of the company.
  3. To design and monitor the improvements and performance in regards to the internal operations of the company.

Considerable Benefits

There are numerous benefits, including but not limited to:

  1. A marked Improvement in your online documents and financial reports from any browser.
  2. Services that are bundled for just a nominal monthly fee rather than an hourly rate.
  3. Mobile collaboration via phone or tablet for approving and paying bills, reviewing reports, and processing orders
  4. Rather than having employees provide internal activities, you can simply make a payment just for what you require without paying any permanent benefits or overhead.
  5. Your company’s management team will have the benefit of an experienced professional in the field of finance and accounting who wouldn’t otherwise be available to you with any other integrated services relationship.
  6. In most cases, they’re much less expensive than having to employ an in-house CFO at the market rates of today.

Reasonable Pricing

his alternative to having an in-house CFO has really started to take off recently with the introduction of more reasonable pricing that allows companies the opportunity for utilizing normally costly SaaS providers but spending only a fraction of their normal cost. You’ll also be getting expert provider services that are part of a monthly service fee.

You’re in Control

Your CFO will be working in a virtual environment where all of your company’s action plans, documents, insights, reports, and other data will be available online via a browser. Access to all of this information will require password protections and a single access point, as well as access to distribution that is controlled by your company and your financial team.

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