What are CFO Services


If you were to inquire of any CFO regarding what Chief Financial Officers actually do, you could be in for a very long explanation. That wouldn’t be because the CFO felt the need to justify his or her position and/or salary. It also wouldn’t be because the CFO position and its duties are so hard to describe. It would just probably be due to the fact that CFOs do a great deal of important work for their respective companies and it all deserves a thorough explanation.

A Complex Job

It’s a fact that the job of a CFO is quite complex. The way that great CFOs differ from just good CFOs is in the way that they have the innate ability to project a company’s long-term financial picture while also helping that company to thrive. They do this via a talent for multiple analyses. Again, however, having someone with these abilities in-house can be quite expensive. For start-ups as well as established small to medium sized businesses on a tight budget, this could be an impossible situation. At DeepSky Accounting, we offer a myriad of bookkeeping and accounting services, including outsourced CFOs.

A Viable Option

Not all CFOs are created equal just as not all companies are. Some companies can easily afford a talented CFO to handle all of their financial matters for them. On the other hand, many can’t. If you own a business that is badly in need of a good CFO but lacks the necessary funds to hire one, there is a viable option. It’s called CFO Services and they’re an excellent outsourcing alternative to having your own in-house CFO. As your company grows, you’ll find more and more that you need a CFO with a wealth of expertise in the business world. At DeepSky Accounting, that’s exactly what we have to offer.

The Many Faces of CFO Services

Your outsourced CFO will be not only a steward and a strategist, but also a catalyst for driving your company forward. To that end, he or she will be:

  1. Protecting your company’s vital assets
  2. Ensuring financial regulation compliance
  3. Closing your books correctly
  4. Communicating both risk and value issues to your board.
  5. Working with your project managers on methods for increasing profitability
  6. Supporting your marketing team
  7. Assisting with raising capital
  8. Managing your internal cash flow
  9. Coordinating with your key financial advisors
  10. Supporting both your short and long-term strategies

A Fraction of the Cost

At DeepSky Accounting, our experienced CFOs are ready to start providing these services for your business, as well as a broad spectrum of other services that normally would be handled by a full-time in-house CFO. Most importantly, an outsourced CFO will only impact your finances at a fraction of the cost.

If your company is ready for a CFO upgrade to take your organization into the future, contact us at (949) 200-6829 or fill out our handy contact form. Optimum financial control of your business is only one click or call away.