What is an Outsourced Accounting Department Model?


Good day to all the readers of our humble blog.

I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner (since this is what I talk about every day.) But today we are going to talk about what the outsourced accounting department model is. In fact, we are going to break it down into two parts:

part 1, we will talk about how accounting used to be done and what we saw as being broken. And in part 2, we will talk about how we are not just patching or tweaking but revamping the entire process/structure of a new generation accounting department to fix what was broken.

As far as we are concerned, an outsourced accounting department model is the only way to do things in 3-5 years time. So here we go.

Past: Entrepreneur & Accounting Department

Now: Entrepreneur &  Outsourced Accounting Department

So what do you think? We’d love a good conversation on why you think (or think not) the outsourced accounting department model is the way of the future for entrepreneurs. Few things to keep in mind though: Outsourcing does not equal offshoring.

We are defining entrepreneurs and small business as companies that do between $1 to $100 million revenue a year with most of them weighing in at the $2 to $25 million range. Update: 6/20/2014: We’ve since laser focused our efforts on servicing only entrepreneurs who happen to own a digital agency or a law firm. Don’t be shy.