Why You Can’t Work at Work


If you’ve been following my story for a while now, you’d know that my outsourced accounting startup – DeepSky – is really not like a traditional accounting firm at all. The reason being that most of my ideas of how to run this company came from entrepreneurs who I admire, study and learn from.

Optimized your process

Many of them are technology company founders building innovative software, websites or products. The biggest thing we all share is that (sometimes) in order to build something new, you have to challenge or eliminate some of the old “standards” of doing things.

Today, I’d like to share with you Basecamp’s co-founder and Rework author Jason Fried, who explains how the current workplace “standard” setup is optimized for interruptions. How his company (and perhaps yours) benefits from shifting your primary communication channel from meetings, yelling down the hall or knocking on doors to IM, webchat or e-mails.

See/hear his thoughts below:

“The truth is, there are very little ’emergencies’ in business. Most things can wait 2-3 hours without any significant consequences.” – very true