TIKTOK Meets Finance

TikTok With the rise of its popularity, TikTok, a video-sharing social platform, dominates the digital space. Several factors contributed to its success. Savvy Tech Design Its user-friendly feature and tech flexibility allow anyone to get creative within a few simple taps. Its ability to be shared and lived on different platforms allowed the content to […]

Cash Management to Help CEOs Grow and Thrive During a Time of Crisis

Businesses will suffer crises; how they survive depends on upper management. CEOs make the final decision and serve as the face of the company. What’s more, other employees will follow their example. We believe that cash management as a tool can help CEOs grow and thrive in their business during a time of crisis. How […]

How to Analyze Your Business’ Financial Statements During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is leading to potential financial uncertainty. You want to do what you can to predict potential effects, using balance sheets and income statements. We discuss how to analyze your business’s financial statements during the pandemic. Whether or not businesses have to shut down proactively, they need to anticipate disruptions and radical changes […]

Accounting 101 – The P&L Statement

Knowing how to calculate, analyze, and manage your profit & loss statement is important. You want to know if your business is profitable, and where costs may be too high or revenue too low. The trick is to have it all down on paper. Anyone with any amount of accounting exposure can tell you that […]

Flexible Pricing Part II

How to Make a Profit Through a Flexible Pricing Model Today we’re continuing our discussion on maximizing your profits by adopting a more flexible pricing model. Another way to see this type of flexible pricing in action is to walk around the streets of any large city in America. You’ll find many street vendors marketing […]

The Financial Guide to Navigate Your Business Through This COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 hit the world hard and fast, leaving its trail of destruction across many different industries and countries. Last Wednesday, I sat as one of our client’s phones rang from 9 am to 12 noon straight. Each of those phone calls was his clients canceling and pulling contracts that were years in the making – […]

3 Financial Accounting Tricks For Healthcare Companies

As the healthcare industry blooms on a global scale, healthcare-related companies face the pressing need to manage their growing reliance on clear accounting and clean financing with ease more than ever. The demands for nurses and specialists increase while the regulations in the industry tighten, staying in business is faced with more hurdles to jump. […]

5 Tips That Help You Determine Short Term Financial Goals

2020 is arriving all too soon, and new business goals come with it. You want goals that align with your values in the short-term while preparing for the first sixth months of the calendar year. DeepSky wants to help you avoid bad financial advice like lowering prices and reducing the value of your products or […]

How much should you charge for your services? Pricing Services 101

How to Set The Right Price for Your Company? The most experienced entrepreneurs know that price is the dominant factor driving profit. While profits can be increased via a number of ways, raising prices is the simplest method that yields the biggest result. A mere 1% change in price can generate double digits change in […]

Growing Broke – Cashflow (Part II.)

(For part I of this two part series, click here) The business world seems to be really hot right now, no matter what sector you’re in, and that probably means jumping on each and every opportunity that comes along. That’s just naturally what most business owners do because their main goal is growth. Frankly, if […]