Input Metrics vs. Output Metrics

When you are running a business, you need to have measurable goals. Why? So that you have a clear definition of success and what it means to you and your team. These definitions tie into performance metrics, as stated above. You know what tasks to prioritize, and which accounts to watch. Thus, you can assign […]

How to Start a Metrics-Driven Agency

My buddy who owns a digital agency wanted to jump start a metrics-driven culture but wasn’t sure where to start. We sat down over some good Scotch and cigars to chat about it. Here are the 9 metrics that I’ve suggested as an easy place to start and covers all 3 aspects of an agency infrastructure. […]

Bad Data Is Worse Than No Data

  Bad data is comparable to disinformation, which leads entrepreneurs to wrong conclusions, undesired outcomes, or overspent money unconsciously. Check out this video to see what has been putting your business in danger yet you may not be aware of it during regular operations. We’ve landed a dream customer recently. When we took over and […]